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The Collavini story began in 1896 at Rivignano. Founder Eugenio Collavini supplied wine to the noble families of Udine and to wine shops. The baton then passed to Giovanni, who worked through two World Wars at the end of which, as we know, trade boomed while the science of oenology also advanced, giving wines a quality hitherto unknown.
It was Giovanni’s son Manlio who noticed the first signs of major changes and indeed almost anticipated them. He was one of the first to take Friulian wines abroad. In 1966, the cellar moved to the Castello Zucco-Cuccanea in Corno di Rosazzo, built in 1560.
Manlio was one of the first to believe in Pinot Grigio fermented off the skins, as long ago as 1969, and in 1971, he created Il Grigio, a trend-setting sparkling wine, which was later joined by Ribolla Gialla Brut. Today, Collavini is a family-owned limited company  managed by Manlio and his sons Giovanni, Luigi and Eugenio.

Manlio Collavini Azienda Collavini Azienda Collavini
Manlio e Giovanni Collavini Eugenio Collavini Luigi Collavini


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